Early Bird Tix Sold Out!

Hey Cheapys, we are at the same time sad and excited to inform the people of earth that we are now sold out of the Early Bird tickets. Thank you, early ticket buyers, for your continued enthusiasm for Creepy Cheapy! Ticket prices have now increased to its regular price — that’s $10 for single night tickets. But wait! The dark forces of the night love to haggle, and there are still deals to be made! The ‘Two Nights of Terror Pass’ is a 2-night ticket pass for each night of Creepy Cheapy (Friday, October 25th & Saturday, October 26th) for only $15! So if you get tickets to BOTH nights, you’re getting them cheaper than the regular price of each single night! That’s pretty cheap-y…as in… Creepy Cheapy… eh? Get it?? Cheap > Cheapy??

… nevermind, I’ll show myself out.