Friday, October 25th

$10 - Single Night Ticket

Saturday, October 26th

$10 - Single Night Ticket

two nights of terror pass

$15 - One Ticket for Each Night

Creepy Cheapy is, by far, the most excellent place I’ve ever been. Period. And I’ve been to some far out places.
— Neil Armstrong, probably

What’s a Creepy Cheapy?

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Ghost, goblins, gore and the return of strange creatures from the upside down. Break out your best fake mustache, wipe the vomit off your Harry Potter glasses, and put new batteries into your lightsaber. Creepy Cheapy is back! It’s the weekend everyone has been waiting their whole lives for (since last year)!

A meticulously curated lineup of live bands will take over three stages and perform full-costumed covers of your favorite bands and artists!

You will surely dance your butts off. And when you want your butt re-attached, head over to The Patio of The Dead where killer beats will be dropped all night. Then stay out in the patio and dance till your butts fall off again. Finally, head back inside to our special Butt Re-Attachment Station and order one of our special Butt Re-Attachment Elixirs (also known as a Founders Solid Gold delicious brewski) located at the main bar disguised as a Creepy Cheapy Cocktail.

Don’t settle for that phony sexy nurse outfit or some store-bought Dothraki crap — this is the real deal! Halloween USA is good... mom’s basement is better... doing your own Edward Scissorhands make-up, or a last-minute rush-job to make that crappy Robocop armor out of aluminum foil and cardboard IS BEST!

Creepy Cheapy is celebrating its 12th year, and for the first time ever we are presenting it as a double feature — a 2-night back-to-back event of even more Creepy Cheapy! That’s Friday and Saturday, October 25th and 26th — holy moly!

This is going to be the best one yet! Don't get stuck standing outside. Buy your tickets! Hold on to your butts! And let's get creepy!



(2018 Highlights)

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Photos taken by our favorite Detroit area photographers.
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