Back 2 Back!

People of Earth…

We are stoked to announce that this year, 2019, for the first time ever in the 12 year history of The Crofoot Creepy Cheapy, we are expanding the musical masquerade to two nights! Back to back! A Halloween Double Feature! Every year the party has sold out in advance, leaving literally a billion earthlings who didn’t get their tickets in time with their hands thrown up in the air in utter disappointment. While we can’t accommodate all the billions that need to get their Creepy Cheapy on, we thought maybe two nights of cheapy hijinks might appease at least a dozen more. We’re thinking big here, folks.

Twice the bands! Twice the dance parties! Twice the free candy! Twice the contests! And a few brand-spanking-new surprises that we can’t wait to reveal to you over the next few months.

Save the dates, earthlings. This year Creepy Cheapy will be on Friday, October 25th AND Saturday, October 26th. Mark your calendars, teach your parrot to remind you, or tattoo it backwards onto your forehead so when you see it in the mirror you’ll have that sweet reminder… who cares? Just be there! Twice!